Sunday School

Sunday School students reading

The Sunday School program helps facilitate a life-long and life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, and with others who wish to grow closer to Him. This year's Sunday School students were divided into four classes; Little Lambs, JOY, Junior GOYA and Senior GOYA. Little Lambs, a new ministry of the Cathedral's Sunday School, seeks to minister to those children ages 40 days to 5 years old. The Little Lambs curriculum consists of stories, crafts, prayers, and hands-on activities that help younger children grow and explore the Orthodox faith. 

Our Curriculum

Sunday School kids working togetherThe Sunday School's JOY class, ages 6-11, focuses on short lessons from the Gospel reading and a craft or activity that coincides with a specific spiritual theme. JOY students also partner with our Junior and Senior GOYA students on various service projects throughout the year, such as the making and distributing of canned food for our community Food Drive, and the making and giving of Valentine's Day cards to the residents at our local nursing home. 

Both Junior and Senior GOYA students, ages 12-18, will engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussions on the faith throughout the year. Some of the topics that these students will discuss with their teachers are: what does it mean to be an Orthodox Christian in the 21st century? How can prayer bring us peace in times of chaos and uncertainty? How can we call upon God to help us in different times throughout our lives? How do the saints play a role in our everyday communion with Christ? Currently, the Senior GOYA students are working on individual presentations of their patron saint. Students have been asked to research the life of their patron saint, the virtues that they held throughout their lives, and the example that they set before us to follow in Christ's way. 

Sunday School commences immediately after the Divine Liturgy on Sundays in our educational hall. Please see the attached calendar for updates on Sunday School classes and youth events.