Parish Council

Parish council is the administrative body of our Church community. The twelve person board is elected by our stewards for the purpose of working together with the parish priest to fulfill the mission of our church: To lead people to God through Orthodox Christianity and to provide ways for them to live and share in God’s love.

Six of the twelve members are elected at each fall general assembly and all active stewards of our parish are eligible to serve. The parish council meets monthly and among other things is responsible for the financial management of our parish and ensuring that all of the ministries of the church have the proper support to thrive in our mission.

Current Parish Council Board

Clay White

Margaurite Stephanopoulos
Vice President

Costas Tsatiris

Costas J. Sarris
Assistant Treasurer

George Stamatis
Secretary, Membership, Orthodox Education

Fay Miller
Personnel Committee

Bill Chevako
Home Committee

Tom Parras
Home Committee

Bill Davros

Dick Warren
Stewardship Committee

Stephanie Tsavaris

Gus Kallergis


For More Information

Contact Clay White through our Church office.
Phone: 216-932-3300