Prosforo Baking

Prosforo_Seal_enlarged Prosforo, which is the Greek word for “an offering to God”, is the Liturgical Bread used at every church service.  The proforo is baked by our parishioners, as a stewardship offering of time and talent.

The Proforo bread is made according to a recipe that can be obtained from the church office.  Each loaf is prepared with prayer and is stamped with the holy seal.

We need parishioners who can volunteer their time to bake prosforo for each of our church services.  You can sign-up to help bake prosforo by contacting the Church Office.

The Prosforo Seal

The center of the seal has the letters ICXC and NIKA which stand for “Jesus Christ Conquers.”  This section of the bread will be removed by the priest and changed into the Body of Christ during the Divine Liturgy.  This section of the bread is called the “Lamb of God.”

The left section of the seal (large triangle) represents the Virgin Mary.

The right section featuring the nine small triangles commemorate the angels, prophets, apostles and saints of the church.

During a service prior to the liturgy, the priest breaks the bread and the seal and prays for those represented by the seal: the Theotokos, the prophets, angels, etc.

The priest also prays for all the living and the dead who have been submitted to him.

The Archdiocese has additional information about this subject. Click here for additional information.



For More Information

Contact our Church office.
Phone: 216-932-3300